Presentations by Dr. Bunch on Bully Narcissists and Politician Psychopaths

While this website weaves parody of the trickster, and the sharp edge of the warrior archetypes, Books and Presentations are not parody at all, but cover the characteristics and dangers of the bully narcissist and psychopathic politicians.

This is a very serious matter, then, because both persons, most often men, can take either the soul of others, create PTSD that even leads to suicide, bully and marginalize all, enslave, and with the worst dictators, kill.

Dr. Bunch may be available for presentations on this. 

45 minute presentations
80 minute presentations for conferences

And workshops, viewing the bully from different contexts:

damage to others
field guide to characteristics of lies, cons, deceit
what motivates the 

Presentations will be geared to your audience.

 Some Guidelines:

1. your group is interested in introduction or training on the topics. Members may be 12 and up, if truly interested in the presentation… seat fillers please.

2. your group has 15 or more persons that are members of your group, and known to you

3. you will provide facilities, and if needed, AV equipment

4. due to the controversy of the topic, particularly in conservative Idaho, presentations are not open public talks, and you’ll demonstrate control of that situation.

5. while 1 or 2 parody slides may be used, parody and humor are not the base for 

6. If you’re arranging the presentation, you should have obtained the last 5 books or Kindle by Dr. Bunch. You should also offer to participants in advance access to the Kindle book Psychopathic Politicians so they may be prepared for the talk.

7. Costs

No Charge, voluntary honorarium to cover local travel and preparation time accepted by not required:
Local small non-profit groups, civil rights, women’s rights, Hispanic / Immigrant Rights, Black Rights, and  budding grassroots groups (not yet non-profit) with 15 or more interested participants

Arranged Fee
1 Workshops of afternoon up to weekend.
2. Talks for
All other groups, national non-profits, hospitals, fees will be arranged on a “typical” fee for trainers and their expenses.

Dr. Bunch will offer some books for purchase at presentations, but presentations are not “book presentations”. Books are made available for convenience. The talks are truly all about my passing on easily understood information and fast use tools to know and flee the pirates in life. 

Contact me via the contact form on this page for further info.

Dr. Bunch

Political Psychopaths and Donald Trump